Preparation steps for delicious tuna salad

Preparing different recipes is an exciting process because we can have a new taste at the same time we can serve it to our family or friends in a special occasion. We can have the delicious recipes by learning the preparation methods from this site and here a list of recipes is available for the users to try in their home. All they need to do is select a new recipe from the list and if they click on the link a new page will be open and it will contain all the procedures to make the dish. People often search in this site about how to prepare tuna salad without mayo and this article helps them to do it.

To prepare any recipe we need to know the ingredients to make it so for making the tuna salad there are some groceries we need to purchase earlier. We need 2 cans of flaked light tuna to make the recipe and it should be very fresh because using the old cans of tuna can’t give the appropriate taste. Avocado is an important grocery in making the tuna salad so while purchasing this fruit we have to buy the ripe avocado only. Adding this fruit is not compulsory so people like to have a different taste can add this otherwise it is not required.

The stalks should be very fresh because we need to add one or two stalks while making this dish and it should be sliced very thinly. Carrot can increase the sweetness in this recipe so as per the required level we can add the carrot slice and mixing shredded carrot would give the moderate taste. Onion is an important grocery for making most of the delicious recipes in the world so the better taste of tuna salad can be achieved if we add ¼ cup of diced onion to it. Red bell peppers need to be diced first then we can add up to ½ cups and if it is required we can add more. ½ cup of olive oil would be very best to gain the improved taste in this salad and it won’t give any oily smell so after adding this we can mix 2-3 table spoons of lemon juice to have the pleasant smell from it.

Soy sauce, Dijon mustard and salt & pepper can be added in the required level to increase the taste. Most of the people don’t like mayo because it contains too much of cholesterol which is not good for their health. Instead they can prepare this recipe without mayo and can get the same taste as the recipes which use mayo as main ingredient. In a large bowl we need to flake the tuna with fork then need to add the celery, carrot and diced onion. Then we need to mix the olive oil and soy sauce with mustard for increasing the taste. Pouring & dressing into salad for stirring is the final process then we can have the delicious tuna salad without mayo or serve to our family.

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