Quickly learn the steps for making tuna salad

Internet helps us to learn various subjects and some people are always keen to learn the preparation methods for delicious recipes. There are some website that can help their users to find out different recipes and let them to try in their homes in special events. This is one of the best forums which encourage their users to prepare different recipes with the step by step preparation method. All the delicious recipes can be found from this site so if they click on any recipe they can find out the procedure method of it. Making tuna salad without mayo is most of the users wish so this site provides a particular article about the dish to prepare it.

This will be very useful to the readers to prepare the tuna salad and it has listed the required groceries to make the ingredient. It is the main thing in this recipe because if the ingredient is not good while making the recipe then we cannot expect the good taste from it. That’s why most of the forums advise their readers to mix the proper levels of groceries to get the finest ingredient. So this site has given the level of groceries to prepare the salad and users are requested to do as it shown here.

It is always good to use the dry tuna because adding the wet tuna will not give the creamy taste instead it will make the dish juicier so we must buy 3 cans of drained tuna only. Adding the stalks would be the good idea and we should mind that the stalks need to slice thinly. Shredded carrot is used to increase the sweet taste in it so minimum one slice of carrot we need to add if it is required we can add more. ¼ cup of diced onion would definitely increase the taste of the dish so we must this and we must have the diced red bell peppers in ½ cup. Olive oil is best to mix up in this salad so we can use ½ cup of oil and if we want to improve the pleasant smell then we can add 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

To mix all the groceries we can use the soy sauce and to improve the spicy taste we can add the Dijon mustard. Salt & pepper is an optional item so it can be added some extra to get the better taste in the dish. Tuna salad without mayo is the best dish because while making this recipe we will not add the mayo which most of people don’t like because of its taste and over cholesterol. After combining all the groceries we need to flake the tuna with a fork in a large bowl so that it will be mixed very properly. Then we can add the stalks, carrot, onion and bell pepper into the mixture and in another bowl we need to mix the soy sauce and mustard. We need to pour dressing into the salad then have to stir it for combining. That’s all now we can have a delicious dish in our home and can serve to our friends in parties.




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