Short period of time you can prepare the delicious tuna salad

Salad preparation is easy preparation in the cooking process those kind of salad can be prepared buy all age people if you are not having any experience in the cooking function you can also easily prepare this recipe without any confusion and also it is safe and easy recipe preparation for child also because in this preparation never follows any boiling approach so it is the safest recipe making for kids and it never give any injuries to your kids. And also it is the healthy food for kids it is used only the natural material to prepare the salad so if you follows the stirring finely in the recipe preparation it gives the taste to the dish automatically tuna salad is the favourite food for the kids. Sandwich is never replaced by any other food in the world especially the tuna salad without mayo is one of the delicious sandwich recipes.

You can easily prepare this recipe in the couple of minute and also it carries the minimum of ingredient to prepare the dish deliciously. Now you can receive the idea of ingredients needed for prepare the salad. Some of the ingredients are one can water packed tuna if you are having the habit of healthy conscious more to your food means don’t worry you just buy the Italian olive oil, packed tuna it is the healthy ingredient to your salad preparation as well as it gives the terrific taste to your salad. And now you take the table spoon of basil it should be finely chopped you may used only the fresh chop basil. And the other ingredient for your recipe preparation is you have to three stalk celery that also be chopped finely.

Using the ingredient to make the delicious salad:

If you want to add the taste for your dish you just take the one finely chopped scallion for your recipe if you want to add the scallion means you may use only the green parts of the scallion only otherwise it is the optional ingredient to your recipe. One point you have to keep in mind while preparing the salad is every ingredient you may use in the tuna salad without mayo preparation should be finely chopped. And the common ingredient for every kind of salad dish is to salt and pepper.  In these two ingredients is based on your taste preference so you take this two ingredient quantity based on your decision in the recipe preparation.

And finally you take two table spoon of lemon juice and you have to use the extra virgin olive oil for increasing the taste in your dish. Now you enter in to the preparation mode. Now you take the small bowl for pouring the tuna in the bowl for mixing. Choosing such bowl gives the comfort for you to stirring the ingredients is must because mixing the ingredient is the main work in the salad preparation. Those tuna chunks shapes are in different sizes so you have to cut the tuna chunks in to small pieces.

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