Strictly follows the consistent level in the salad preparation:

Better option for cutting the tuna chunks finely with the help of forks because imperfect shapes of the tuna gives the irritating feel while you eat the salad. After you cut the tuna in to fine pieces add the basil, celery and the lemon juice in the bowl If you have any digestive problem or ulcer problem you just skip the lemon juice in your recipe because it gives the burning feel in your stomach so that you may receives the injuries in your digestive function. Citrus acid is the most harmful material for the ulcer patients lemon contain the more citric acid in it so better you avoid the lemon juice it not an important ingredient in your tuna salad recipe preparation it used only for the purpose giving taste to the salad.

And now you mix those ingredients well by using the fork or you may chose any of the beating material to use. It is based on your convenience only thing you follow in the stirring process is the ingredients must finely mix with each ingredient in the bowl. Every cooking method try to explain the consistency of the food because consistency decide the taste of the food so you may mix the ingredients well and fine after completing the mixing process you move on to next process in the tuna salad without mayo preparation.

Based on your preference you may add extra ingredients:

In the next step of making the tuna salad is based on your liking which you may add the extra virgin oil in the mixture based on your taste. Adding such extra virgin oil in the mixture for the purpose of moistens the tuna because it gives the fine taste for your salad preparation. Normally that extra virgin oil is added in the tuna in the quantity level of one or two table spoon in the mixture it is enough for to giving the taste to your recipe. Now you may add the common ingredients for all salad recipe is the salt and pepper. In these two are the perfect combinations in the recipe preparation.

If you have the option to add the sea salt and the ground pepper means you may add such ingredient instead of the common salt and pepper because it give the best servings in your  recipe. At the same time you never take any much effort to buy the sea salt and ground pepper it is the optional one for your tuna salad without mayo recipe preparation. Almost your preparation is come to an end you may serves the tuna salad to your family members you can serve this recipe in to two servings. If you want to add nay herbs for making the recipe delicious means you may add it is based on your taste and one fine material for adding for decorating the salad is tomato it gives the rich look for you salad. The total time of making the tuna salad preparation takes only five minutes then you can get the delicious tuna salad.


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